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Merchant Archive – London Fashion Week – AW18

Merchant Archive’s AW18 Presentation was wholly representative of, creative director and founder, Sophie Merchant’s excellent command of textiles. The designs presented were a flawless example of simplicity coupled with eccentricity reflective of the inspiration for this collection, a patchwork blanket from a children’s book, with its multi-faceted personality. The colours used throughout the collection vary.…

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Aadnevik – London Fashion Week – AW18

Aadnevik’s AW18 Show, presented at One Whitehall Place, harked back to a more traditional show format evocative of the collections classical inspirations. The collection, and the show itself, undoubtedly displays ‘Swan Lake’ influences and this whimsical tone is seamless throughout the garments. The luxury brand is represented in the simplicity of the show that contrasts…

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A by Jigsaw – London Fashion Week – AW18

  A by Jigsaw presented its new collection at its London store, a welcoming and vibrant space, this fashion week. The atmosphere was relaxed, and this same vibe was carried into their wearable collection. The bright motifs, paired with bold patterns and fabrics, demonstrated excellent attention to both colour and quality. The collection lends a…

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Tata Naka – London Fashion Week – AW18

  The Tata Naka AW18 Collection presentation, held at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, displayed a striking mix of Eastern European folk traditions and English culture. The theatre, as the backdrop, provided contrasts with the vibrant patterns within the collection and the strong Eastern European influences prevalent in the patterns and fabrics used. Each piece…

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A.V Robertson – London Fashion Week – AW18

A.V Robertson’s first solo show, ‘La Renaissance du Paradis’ or the rebirth of paradise, explores the contrasts of good and evil, light and dark. Set in St Andrew’s Church, Holborn, the atmosphere was one of judgement day, as envisaged by the designer. The 80s music that played over the show added a sense of glamour…

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Paula Knorr – London Fashion Week – AW18

As with her previous collections, Paula Knorr’s AW18 Collection, supported and showed attention to how feminine identity can be presented through dress. The collection demonstrates the sensuality of women’s dress, while not objectifying it, and emphasizes the beauty of the female form. Knorr’s designs play with the eye and her use of texture experiments with…

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Sadie Williams – London Fashion Week – AW18

Sadie Williams Jungle Magazine

Sadie Williams AW18 Collection embodies the designer’s youth and experience combined. Traditional silhouettes take new form, infused with striking colours and crystal detailing, making the presentation both visually and conceptionally pleasing. The audience itself, a variation of ages, was evocative of the fusing of new and old present in the collection.  Further contrasts appeared through…

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