Exhibition by Aurele Ferrero

By Jungle magazine | June 2, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Aurèle Ferrero Stylist: Manon Del Colle Model: Tani Birkin @Next Models Model: Erin @Premium models Hair and Make up: Jacques Uzzardi Photographer assistant: Talos Buccellati Digital Operator: Lea Rollin

Time for Us by Gökay Catak

By Jungle magazine | May 23, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Gökay Catak Styling: Sophia Schwan Hair and Make up: Annika Jeck using Davines and Nui Cosmetics Model: Christin Nahapetian @Stella Models

Marika Hackman - Jungle Magazine

In Conversation with Marika Hackman

By Jungle magazine | May 17, 2017
Journal Music

With the photo shoot for this interview all set to get under way, the inevitable discussion is had about what music to put on. Following some gentle prompting from Marika herself, it’s not long before the sounds of Do It Again by Steely Dan are filling the studio, nicely setting the tone. As she will…

In Conversation with All Blues

By Jungle magazine | May 11, 2017
Editorial Journal

Stylish and feminine, the jewellery pieces of All Blues are intricate personifications of both art and craftsmanship; a true indication of the direction in which the modern-day jewellery market is moving towards. Founded in 2010 by old friends Fredrik Nathorst and Jacob Skragge, the All Blues duo were in need of jewellery that they would want…

Reasons to Stay Alive – Edition 02

By Jungle magazine | May 10, 2017
Edition 02 Journal

According to World Health Organisation 1 in 4 people suffer from mental health at one point during their life. If you do not personally, there is a chance someone close to you is dealing with it in one way or another. The sad truth is that you might not even know about it. If you…

Alan Coulson – Edition 02

By Jungle magazine | May 9, 2017
Edition 02 Journal

I am sat in a small coffee shop on an early summer’s afternoon to gather my thoughts and to prepare to write about Alan Coulson, father and portrait artist. In response to a conversation had with Coulson I look out the window and reflect upon the people passing by. It is a warm day and…

Simon Minardi - Hey You 'Alice' - Jungle Magazine

Hey You ‘Alice’ by Simon Minardi

By Jungle magazine | May 4, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Simon Minardi  Stylist: Federica Cerri Hair and Make Up: Matilde Davolio  Model: Alice @Monster Milan  Photographer Assistant: Roberto Frank

In Conversation with Jocelyn Allen

By Jungle magazine | May 2, 2017
Art Journal

Over a year ago artist and photographer Jocelyn Allen featured in our first printed edition of Jungle. We thought we would catch up with her and see how things have changed over the past year.  — It’s been a while since we spoke; tell me what has been going on with you over the past…

Danny Kasirye - Coming Home - Jungle Magazine

Coming Home by Danny Kasirye

By Jungle magazine | April 28, 2017
Editorial Journal

  Photographer: Danny Kasirye Stylist: Heather Hyein Lee Hair and Makeup: Jinny Kim using MAC and Unite Casting and Production: Lyly Bui Model: Hannah Siebert @ Next Model Management Model: Athena Wilson @ Premier Model Management

Cornelia Wahlberg - Fervency - Jungle Magazine

Fervency by Cornelia Wahlberg

By Jungle magazine | April 26, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Cornelia Wahlberg  Styling: Martina Axtelius Hair and Make up: Alexander Flores Model: Cosette @ Le Management Model: Luna @ Elite model Management Photographer Assistent: Matilda Engström

Laura Palm - Rouge et Blanc - Jungle Magazine

Rouge et Blanc by Laura Palm

By Jungle magazine | April 20, 2017
Editorial Journal

  Photographer: Laura Palm Model: Hannah Novak @ Iconic Management Styling: Ricarda Venjacob Hair & Make up: Katja Maassen @ Liganord Agency

A Spectral Composition by Caroline Mackintosh

By Jungle magazine | April 13, 2017
Editorial Journal

  Photographer: Caroline Mackintosh Stylist: Andrea Albertyn Model: Kim @Boss Models Model: Julien @Ice Model Management Hair and Make up: Nandi Kai Assistant: Luke Stulinski  

Simeron Kaler – The thoughts I have watered and grown

By Jungle magazine | April 12, 2017
Art Journal

  Simple, thin lines, fluid marks and small blocks of colour create playful stories within Simeron Kaler’s illustrations. Here at Jungle, we asked Kaler if she could produce a visual response to the word ‘introspection’ which refers to the act of self-reflection and is the title of our latest edition. Kaler sent me over The…

Jeremy Combot - Affinity - Jungle Magazine

Affinity – Jérémy Combot

By Jungle magazine | April 12, 2017
Editorial Journal

  Editorial ‘Affinity’ featured in Edition 02 focused on the relationship between sisters. This Editorial was the starting point for the artistic creations by Jeremy Combot. The bond between brothers and sisters is one of love, protection, friction and turbulence – through Combot’s illustrations, this roller-coaster relationship is explored by the collision of texture and print.…

Alicia Rountree – Edition 02

By Jungle magazine | March 30, 2017
Edition 02 Journal

As we chat over lunch, Alicia talks of her love of culture and her second visit to the Tate in just a matter of days. I wonder how she finds the time to manage such a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from high fashion to food. In addition to this, she is also currently writing…

Film – Chloé Lloyd

By Jungle magazine | March 29, 2017
Editorial Journal

  We present to you… Chloé Lloyd. With special thanks to Select Model Management. Fashion Editor: Daniela Suarez Video: Minjoo Chae Music: Craggle – Digidream

Sophie Harris-Taylor – Edition 02

By Jungle magazine | March 26, 2017
Edition 02 Journal

Sophie Harris-Taylor’s photographic journal, MTWTFSS, turns memories into art. For the past five years the London-based artist has been documenting the everyday life experiences she shares with her closest companions. Now, with over 200 snapshots to comprise the first of what will be a life-long series of chapters, I was fascinated to find out more…

Caroline Mackintosh – Edition 02

By Jungle magazine | March 21, 2017
Edition 02 Journal

“I am not trying. I am doing. It is instinct,” says photographer, Caroline Mackintosh. “My lifestyle, and how I see and feel about the world emanates through my work. I never try to do something contrived.” The saying goes: there are two types of people, those who live to work and those who work to…

Music Therapy – Edition 02

By Jungle magazine | March 20, 2017
Edition 02 Journal

What is music? It is a question not often asked, certainly not as often as the question ‘What is art?’. You are no doubt well aware what music is, though formulating a succinct response to that question…not so straightforward. Perhaps one way of approaching the question is to look at what music actually does. Catherine Carr has worked…

Stephanie Alcaino - Affinity - Edition 02 - Jungle Magazine

Affinity – Edition 02

By Jungle magazine | March 19, 2017
Edition 02 Journal

View the full story in Edition 02 Photographer: Stephanie Alcaino Fashion Editor: Daniela Suarez Model: Amelia Strawberry @ IMG Model: Agustina R @ Premier Makeup: Andrea Chiu using NARS Cosmetics Hairstyle: Delphine Bonnet using Oribe Stylist Assistant: Rojan Said With special thanks to Loft Studio

‘I’m a global citizen’ by Marcus Paarmann in collaboration with Annette Görtz

By Jungle magazine | March 19, 2017
Editorial Journal

“I rely on my style, not trends.”  Annette Görtz There is a beautiful juxtaposition of having the idea of timelessness and fashion intertwine, as is the same with having the notion of the global and fashion work side by side.  In the global sense of fashion there are constant transitions focused on change but also…

Bishop Briggs – Edition 02

By Jungle magazine | March 18, 2017
Edition 02 Journal

To say Bishop Briggs is an international artist would be an understatement. Born in London to Scottish parents (they originally hail from a town in East Dunbartonshire called Bishopbriggs, hence…), the family relocated to Japan when Bishop Briggs was still very young. Raised on a musical diet of Motown and The Beatles, it was joining a children’s gospel choir whilst in Japan…

Sarah Eick: America and the gold rush

By Jungle magazine | March 17, 2017
Art Journal

Sarah Eick: America and the gold rush Since 2001, Eick has travelled across America with her camera in search of locations that have stories to tell. Service stations, wooden shacks, abandoned buildings and empty landscapes have featured in her works time and time again. I asked Eick what attracts her to these spaces: “I am…

Michelle Beatty - Great Escape - Edition 02 - Jungle Magazine

Great Escape – Edition 02

By Jungle magazine | March 16, 2017
Edition 02 Journal

View the full story in Edition 02  Photographer: Michelle Beatty Model: Emma Macgowan @ IMG Model: Phillipa H @ Chic Makeup: Justin Henry using Makeupforever Hair Stylist: Kevin Murphy Stylist: Margot Robinson Production: David John and Tony Sargent Post Production: Mikaela Westerholm Photographer Assistant: Jade Mallick

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