Edition 01 – Anja Konstantinova Cover


Edition 01 of Jungle featuring Anja Konstantinova on the cover.

256 page Coffee table book (319mm x 246mm).

The Uncovered Edition / Anja Konstantinova / Lianne La Havas / Mariell Amélie / Tom Misch / Rejina Pyo / Shaun Downey / Lee Price / Samm Henshaw / Kojey Radical / Sophia Thakur / Cecilia Knapp / Lotti V. Closs

To uncover something is to learn something previously unknown and this was our motivating factor behind the theme for Edition 01. Throughout the Fashion, Art & Music sections, we attempt to reveal aspects of all the art forms that are often overlooked or underappreciated, delving deeper into the reasons why the artists featured create in their own distinctive way.

We look into the components that aid the prosperity of the fashion industry, conversing with incredibly inspirational models, designers and make-up artists, to discover how they thrive creatively and ‘uncovered’ what is hidden behind the scenes. We aim to send a message and tell a story to our readers, allowing them to discover the tales of the inspirational people that are part of each edition of our magazine.

We look into the components that aid the prosperity of the fashion industry, conversing with models, designers, make-up artists and fashion illustrators, to discover how they thrive creatively and correct any fallacies people may have with regard to their work.

This idea is continued in our art section, as we unearth the intentions of the artists included, examining the unique creative expression they all exhibit. Techniques vary from photorealistic paintings, to artists using themselves as a primary part of their photographic artistry.

The evolving dynamic of the music industry led us investigating the diverse ways in which an artist can attain success. Through interviews with signed and unsigned artists and discussions as to which state is more beneficial, to exploring the allure of an emerging genre, the individuals included all divulge insightful information.

We hope to inspire our readers through the material disclosed throughout Edition 01, uncovering elements of their artistry that may not have been communicated to an audience before.

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