Poppy Ajudha – Edition 03

By Jungle magazine | January 22, 2018
Edition 03 Journal

 To see the full editorial, order Edition 03 here Videographer: Marta Brodacka Photographer: Laura Marie Cieplik Artist: Poppy Ajudha Fashion Editor: Daniela Suarez Music Editor: Philip Goodfellow Hair and MUA: Rachael Thomas using Chanel Set Designer: Anna Sheridan Photographer Assistant: Sarah Whelan Fashion Assistant: Jasmine Banbury Stylist Assistant: Dayna Dibua Interview: Cecilia Pérez de…

Joanna Wierzbicka – Cliffhanger

By Jungle magazine | January 15, 2018

Photographer: Joanna Wierzbicka Stylist: Kat Ambroziak MUAH: Sojeong Kim Models: Gemma & Jessia @ Milk Model Management

Playlist ‘Six’ – 2017 Roundup

By Jungle magazine | December 29, 2017
Journal Music

2017. Eventful doesn’t quite cover it. We’ll always have music though, right? Here – in no particular order – is a mix of tracks from a selection of our favourite albums of the past year. 

Tom Kleinschmidt – Fever Dreams

By Jungle magazine | December 22, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Tom Kleinschmidt Model: Stasia Smerechevska @ M4 Models Hair & Make-Up: Anna Reynolds Styling: Lea Roesch

Hayley Louisa Brown – Children of Graceland

By Emma Bourne | December 13, 2017
Art Journal

“I have wanted to visit Graceland for years, and I’ve had a long-time fascination with the way some public figures become an icon or a symbol rather than a real person after their death.” With this idea in mind, London-based photographer, Hayley Louisa Brown visited Memphis twice over the past two years to explore Elvis…

Cornelia Wahlberg – Abounding

By Jungle magazine | December 11, 2017
Editorial Journal

Director And Photographer: Cornelia Wahlberg @Adamsky Artist Management Models Magda @Nisch Management And Nikita @Stockholmsgruppen Director Of Photography: Pontus Norberg Stylist: Amanda Ljungkvist Make up: Elin Laine Hair: Angelica Beckman @Mikas Looks Photographer Assistant: Jonathan Bengtsson Stylist Assistant: Josefine Hinsegård Editing: Pontus Norberg And Cornelia Wahlberg Post Production: Adamsky Division Music: Kristoffer Knonander

Amanda James – Sweet Little Lies

By Jungle magazine | November 27, 2017
Art Journal

Stepping into Amanda James’s photographs feels like sinking into the realness of a young couple’s family life. The award-winning Sweet Little Lies is James’s latest photographic project and gathers a series of pictures depicting the rawness of domestic life. Clouds, nature, food and family. The imagery that conforms ‘Sweet Little Lies’ looks like a selection…

Playlist ‘Five’ – Curated by Ronnie Scott’s

By Jungle magazine | November 16, 2017
Journal Music

Artwork by Vesna Vrdoljak To mark the launch of Jungle Magazine – Edition 03, this special instalment of our playlist series was curated for us by Nick Lewis, Operations Manager at Ronnie Scott’s. Having worked at the world-renowned music venue for over a decade now, Lewis is widely respected for his knowledge of and passion…

Candy – The Surreal Everyday

By Jungle magazine | October 30, 2017
Art Journal

Cristina BanBan and Dominic Dispirito’s exhibition Candy at The Dot Project takes the viewer into a domestic and familiar realm. By focusing on the mundane aspects of contemporary life, from watching television to walking down the street, BanBan and Dispirito invite the audience to navigate a world saturated by consumerism, digital imagery, humour, and the…

Joffrey Monteiro-Noël and Vadim Alsayed – Traque

By Jasmine Banbury | October 27, 2017
Culture Journal

Joffrey Monteiro-Noël and Vadim Alsayed’s ‘Traque’ explores the essence of artistic flare, transforming the reality of what movement is, into a tale of creativity and curiosity. With Monteiro-Noëls background being of the theatre, it is no surprise that this creative works with the of both space and expression – Joffrey Monteiro Noël kindly took the time…

Rickard Aronsson – The walk

By Jungle magazine | October 20, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Rickard Aronsson @Agent Bauer Styling: Natalie Olenheim @Rockson Hair & Make-up: Francesca Vigliarolo @Bigoudi Hamburg Model: Zen Chang @Core Management SaveSaveSaveSave

Portrait of Britain – The Private and The Public

By Jungle magazine | October 18, 2017
Art Journal

When Portrait of Britain announced that it was returning for a second year, the open call for submissions was answered by nearly 8000 photographers, of both the professional and the amateur variety. The breadth of response speaks volumes of the prestigious cultural event’s potential for broadening arts engagement across the UK. Not only is Portrait…

Playlist ‘Four’

By Jungle magazine | October 18, 2017
Journal Music

Artwork by Vesna Vrdoljak  

Laura Pannack – On Being Present

By Emma Bourne | September 27, 2017
Art Journal

In the age of social media, an individual’s self worth can quickly become determined by selfies and online popularity. Laura Pannack’s Digital Self Esteem depicts subjects aged between 7 and 17 gazing at their own reflection in a two-way mirror, challenging them to accept and confront their appearance. When discussing her subjects Pannack comments, “The…

Pak-Keung Wan – Thinking Through Space

By Jungle magazine | September 13, 2017
Art Journal

With an absolute fascination for the universe, Pak-Keung Wan’s immersive drawings involve complex and intricate forms that resemble the back end of a virtual reality game. Jungle Magazine talks to the artist about the sensual aspects of drawing, the notion of space as a main theme in his practice and most importantly, how space and…

Alice – Noémi Ottilia Szabo

By Jungle magazine | September 8, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Noémi Ottilia Szabo Model: Noémi @Attractive Model Sylist: Otto Horváth Makeup: Eszter Magyar Hairstylist: Nikolett Bàlint SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave

Florine Stettheimer – A Restless Experimenter and Feminist Visionary

By Jungle magazine | September 4, 2017
Art Journal

Currently on view at the Jewish Museum in New York is a retrospective of the work of American artist, poet, set designer and Jazz Age saloniste, Florine Stettheimer. Stettheimer was born to a wealthy Jewish family in New York in 1871. She later moved with her mother and two sisters to Europe and studied art…

Playlist ‘Three’

By Jungle magazine | September 4, 2017
Journal Music


Deconstructions – Annyck Benth

By Jungle magazine | September 1, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Annyck Benth Stylist: Matteo Ortu @Basics Model: Pia Priewe @Le Management Model: Jada Joyce @Munich Models Hair and Makeup: Tina Fischbach @Basics Retoucher: Kushtrim Kunushevci

Lanu Varvaro – Our Journey

By Nives Batistić | August 21, 2017
Art Journal

Artist, Lanu Varvaro was born in London, to parents of Sicilian and South American decent. Growing up, Varvaro lived solely with her mother and has travelled back and forth to Palermo in Sicily every year. Varvaro’s video Our Journey, captures a conversation with her mother about her experiences of immigration, displacement, home and travel. Here,…

Two Waters by Paul Lackner

By Nives Batistić | August 18, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Paul Lackner Model: Sarah Hanssen Stylist: Simon Naschberger Hair and Makeup: Tanja Schuster SaveSave

Playlist ‘Two’

By Nives Batistić | August 17, 2017
Journal Music


Georgina Lowbridge – On Random Crap

By Nives Batistić | August 7, 2017
Art Journal

Evenings at home on the sofa, meal times with friends and family, and the scatter of present wrappings are scenes that most Western viewers will be able to relate to. Some of these moments will stand out to us and we will remember them in years to come. Whereas others will pass by quickly and…

In conversation with Sophie Mayanne

By Nives Batistić | July 31, 2017
Art Journal

We have all had that moment, the moment you look in the mirror and feel a sense of dissatisfaction with what you see, or when you find yourself comparing your legs and stomach to that swimwear model who just popped up on your Instagram feed. Imagine the psychological implications this has on us and what…

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