Laura Pannack – On Being Present

By Emma Bourne | September 27, 2017
Art Journal

In the age of social media, an individual’s self worth can quickly become determined by selfies and online popularity. Laura Pannack’s Digital Self Esteem depicts subjects aged between 7 and 17 gazing at their own reflection in a two-way mirror, challenging them to accept and confront their appearance. When discussing her subjects Pannack comments, “The…

Pak-Keung Wan – Thinking Through Space

By Jungle magazine | September 13, 2017
Art Journal

With an absolute fascination for the universe, Pak-Keung Wan’s immersive drawings involve complex and intricate forms that resemble the back end of a virtual reality game. Jungle Magazine talks to the artist about the sensual aspects of drawing, the notion of space as a main theme in his practice and most importantly, how space and…

Alice – Noémi Ottilia Szabo

By Jungle magazine | September 8, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Noémi Ottilia Szabo Model: Noémi @Attractive Model Sylist: Otto Horváth Makeup: Eszter Magyar Hairstylist: Nikolett Bàlint SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave

Florine Stettheimer – A Restless Experimenter and Feminist Visionary

By Jungle magazine | September 4, 2017
Art Journal

Currently on view at the Jewish Museum in New York is a retrospective of the work of American artist, poet, set designer and Jazz Age saloniste, Florine Stettheimer. Stettheimer was born to a wealthy Jewish family in New York in 1871. She later moved with her mother and two sisters to Europe and studied art…

Playlist ‘Three’

By Jungle magazine | September 4, 2017
Journal Music


Deconstructions – Annyck Benth

By Jungle magazine | September 1, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Annyck Benth Stylist: Matteo Ortu @Basics Model: Pia Priewe @Le Management Model: Jada Joyce @Munich Models Hair and Makeup: Tina Fischbach @Basics Retoucher: Kushtrim Kunushevci


Lanu Varvaro – Our Journey

By Nives Batistić | August 21, 2017
Art Journal

Artist, Lanu Varvaro was born in London, to parents of Sicilian and South American decent. Growing up, Varvaro lived solely with her mother and has travelled back and forth to Palermo in Sicily every year. Varvaro’s video Our Journey, captures a conversation with her mother about her experiences of immigration, displacement, home and travel. Here,…

Two Waters by Paul Lackner

By Nives Batistić | August 18, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Paul Lackner Model: Sarah Hanssen Stylist: Simon Naschberger Hair and Makeup: Tanja Schuster SaveSave


Playlist ‘Two’

By Nives Batistić | August 17, 2017
Journal Music



Georgina Lowbridge – On Random Crap

By Nives Batistić | August 7, 2017
Art Journal

Evenings at home on the sofa, meal times with friends and family, and the scatter of present wrappings are scenes that most Western viewers will be able to relate to. Some of these moments will stand out to us and we will remember them in years to come. Whereas others will pass by quickly and…


In conversation with Sophie Mayanne

By Nives Batistić | July 31, 2017
Art Journal

We have all had that moment, the moment you look in the mirror and feel a sense of dissatisfaction with what you see, or when you find yourself comparing your legs and stomach to that swimwear model who just popped up on your Instagram feed. Imagine the psychological implications this has on us and what…

Locust Has No King by James Norton

By Nives Batistić | July 28, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: James Norton Wardrobe: Carol Deelay Makeup: Mika Mitamura (The Brooks Agency) Hair: Jenni Wimmerstedt Model: Mira Lenko (VNY) SaveSave


Summer Air by Ceen Wahren

By Nives Batistić | July 21, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Ceen Wahren @Acne Photography Model: Indira Tamas @Stockholmsgruppen Stylist: Bahareh Ardakani Hair and Makeup: Kristina Kullenberg @Adamsky Management Photographers Assistant: Ellinor Sjöberg Stylist Assistant: Tess Falk Retouch: Denise Gereben


In conversation with Natalie Christensen

By Nives Batistić | July 17, 2017
Art Journal

Tell me more about your project New Mexico Deconstructed: bright colours, sharp lines and minimal aesthetics. What led you to these works? New Mexico Deconstructed began about two years ago. I was deep into my exploration of photography as a creative outlet and I was shooting all the time. Bright colors and straight lines are…

jungle magazine - july - playlist - one

Playlist ‘One’

By Jungle magazine | July 14, 2017
Journal Music



Reach by Roni Ahn

By Jungle magazine | July 14, 2017
Editorial Journal

  Photographer: Roni Ahn Model: Mae @ Wilhelmina London Stylist: Seunghee Son Makeup: Carly Lim Stylist assistant: Wooi Jan

through the eyes of another –bp-portrait-award-2017-jungle-magazine

Through the Eyes of Another – BP Portrait Award 2017

By Nives Batistić | July 10, 2017
Art Journal

Most find it hard enough sketching a piece of fruit, let alone using oil pigment to paint a sitter in such a way that the resemblance between the work of art and its subject is uncanny. Portraiture dates back over five thousand years, yet it is easy to forget that before the invention of photography…


Blooming Meadow by Laura Palm

By Jungle magazine | July 7, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Laura Palm  Model: Laura Schuller @Core Management Hair and Makeup: Katja Maassen @Liganord Agency Hair and Makeup Assistant: Theresa Trysna SaveSave SaveSave


In conversation with Tanya Houghton

By Nives Batistić | July 3, 2017
Art Journal

Intrigued by the mythical stories of the Estonian landscape, artist Tanya Houghton travelled across Tallinn. Lakes, forests, coastlines and ports; continuously surrounded by the downpour of rain Tallin turned to her camera to capture and later reflect on her experiences. So tell me, what inspired you to travel? I was invited to undertake an artist…

The Velvet Rope - Theo Williams - Jungle Magazine

The Velvet Rope by Theo Williams

By Jungle magazine | June 30, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Theo Williams Model: Aneta M @Wilhelmina Stylist: Tona Stell Makeup: Amy Conley Hair: Sofia Sjoo

Bodies - Cecilia Knapp - Jungle Magazine

Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Bodies’ by Cecilia Knapp

By Nives Batistić | June 28, 2017
Culture Journal

Cecilia Knapp is a writer, performer and poet. Her writing focuses on the poetry in everyday life, experience and human interaction. BODIES is one of her latest works and it was materialised into a video project that explores solitude and moments of brief happiness. Cecilia Knapp on “Bodies”: I’ve always written as a way of…

Time Again by Nina Raasch

By Ali Foroughi | June 23, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Nina Raasch Model: Soraya Jansen @stormmodels Stylist: David Kele Makeup: Alexis Day Hair: Delphine Bonnet

Through the Mirror - Marcin Leszczynski - Jungle Magazine

Through the Mirror by Marcin Leszczynski

By Jungle magazine | June 16, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Marcin Leszczynski  Model: Dara Savchenko @Premier Model Management Stylist: Sarah Stalder Make-up: Sarah Hubbauer  Hair: Massimo Di Stefano Lighting Assistant: Dennis Zorn   Thanks to RiDa UK SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

Valérie Kaczynski-Primo Piano -Jungle Magazine

Primo Piano by Valérie Kaczynski

By Jungle magazine | June 8, 2017
Editorial Journal

Photographer: Valérie Kaczynski Assistant photographer: Joshua Abecassis Model: Sara Vrucinic  @Women Management Paris Stylist: Rebecca Muzzioli MUA: Julia Mensah Hairstylist: Whitney Durandet

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