Ong-Oaj Pairam SS16 – London Fashion Week

The first day of London Fashion Week began with Ong-Oaj Pairam setting the bar high in the Pompadour Room at Hotel Café Royal. The room felt intimate but prestige, the ornate ceiling donned gold chandeliers. The runway lined with chairs and free standing stage lights, providing a great view of the show.

Upon receiving the black card invitation it instantly made an impression. Seemingly a solid colour,  the black fades to reveal a subtle rainbow background in the shape of your imprints reacting to the heat from your hands. The tonal black text is then highlighted, with only the essential details provided, anticipation for the show is built. The invitation gradually restores to its original black colouring when left untouched. This inventive design allows the invitation to become personal and impressionable to the recipient.

The atmospheric soundtrack engaged the audience, varied rhythms and acoustics layered upon one another building up to a pinnacle point then seamlessly transitioning one song into another.

The season of spring was channeled through make-up, lightly blushed cheeks and natural eye make-up mirrored the complexion of an English Rose. Loose curls, generally long in length, framed the model’s faces creating an innocently feminine canvas for the clothes.

The collection implied inspiration from nature, colour progressed through the spectrum. Beginning with earthy neutrals through to sunshine yellows, ocean blues, vibrant greens continuing to pops of pink, muted florals and nudes.

Ready-to-wear daytime looks consisted of layering with light, perforated suede culottes and biker jackets teamed with lace up heels with fluorescent detailing.

Texture was abundant throughout the evening dresses, ruffles of feathers added depth and flowing trains mirrored the venues elegance.

Ong-Oaj, the designer, was overcome with emotion backstage following his successful show, surrounded by family, close friends and colleagues all complimenting him with pride.

Our team at Jungle would like to express a special thanks to HPR for their help, invitation and excellent communication throughout.

Words by April Edgar
Photos: Sarah Brown