Ashley Isham SS16 – London Fashion Week

We watched the watched the show gradually transpire before us tracking the progression of the highly anticipated collection of Ashley Isham from backstage. The attention detail was second to none; the charismatic production teams were thorough and efficient. Ashley personally ensured everything was perfect prior to the audience’s arrival, perfecting the seating arrangements.

The collection was abundant in vibrant florals and abundance of layering. Garments were cinched at the waist accentuating the female figure, maximising the femininity. Swimwear was predominant, accompanied by ethereal dresses with interesting silhouettes.

Mattia Esposito and his hair team from Toni and Guy worked tirelessly, as I caught him for a few minutes before the show he explained the concept of the beauty story: “rich girl gone wild.” The main focus being the revival of hair crimping from the trend predominant in nineties. Reflecting the energetic nature of the show, the hair was full of volume.

Locks of hair were woven into head dresses adorned with colourful windmills, provoking nostalgia of family holidays by the beach. The windmills were accentuated by the wind machine at the end of the runway, creating dynamic shapes. Each member of the audience received their own windmill on their seat so they could take home a little piece of the show.

The make-up team lined the female model’s eyes in pink and outlined the brows in a rich blue. The colours successfully completed the fun and unique beauty story. The models were encouraged to pose dynamically, some models taking selfies on their phones as they bounced down the runway.

There were strong elements of summer throughout the collection, brightening a rainy day in London. An exotic twist was injected as the make-up artists smothered the models in Body Shop body butter just before they donned the catwalk. Vita Coco drinks were in abundance backstage, accompanying an energetic and social environment.


Words by April Edgar
Photos: Sarah Brown