Bodybound – London Fashion Week Men’s – SS18


Through the unlikely subversion of political action and violence, aligned with the unlikely portrayal of rebellion through the image of a flower, Bodybound’s “we shall not wilt” spring/summer 18 collection was undoubtedly an exhibition of consideration and thought. With the symbolism of the flower, woven through utilitarian shapes, over dyed denim and military design, BodyBound explored not only a political stand point, but also the intricate play between masculinity and femininity, with the movement of “flower power” allowing a sense softness and delicacy to contort the stereotypical wardrobe of a man. With a muted colour pallet of beige, blue and whites, the BodyBound brand exhibited a collection that softened the image of menswear, a collection that is perfect for the upcoming spring/summer season. It is true to say that, from BodyBound’s spring/summer 18 presentation, rebellion did not necessarily come in a predictable form, and that fashion can ultimately act as a significant vessel for such a current and important movement. For BodyBound, it seemed that it wad the beauty of understatement rebellion that acted as a powerful consideration for spring/summer 18.

Words: Jasmine Banbury 

Photographer: Alexis Negrin