Liam Hodges SS17 LCM

A show of a tangible reality – the emphasis on the “anti-fashion” and the realisation of a consumer market that wish to buy products that fit a purpose rather than move in and out of fashion is what Hodges hones in on in this season’s spring/summer 17 London Collection for Men show – with pieces made up of patchwork jersey, oversized padded waistcoats, utilitarian bomber jackets, the idea was to add confidence to basic pieces, to add creativity and play with form and shape manipulation within a collection of staples and traditional menswear pieces.

Models were street casted and accessorized with natural hair and makeup, with gutsy industrial combat boots used to emphasis the idea of a fashion reality, away from the glitz and glam of the fashion world. Yet what remained from Hodges collection this season was indeed the question, what makes this a show? Was the collection possibly too short and too utilitarian to be a show? In a season of such showmanship, are viewers ready to appreciate a show of tangible reality? Or is a collection of reality too normal for a season of fantasy and dream-like transportation?

By Jasmine Banbury

Images by Georgia Sillitoe & Rob Parfitt