Nigel Cabourn SS17 LCM

Nigel Cabourn, renowned for his unique take on designing timeless collections that tell a story, has created another vintage inspired collection. Nigel delves into the famous history of Britain’s World War 2 for his inspiration for his SS/17 collection. The designer made reference to the 7th Armoured Division known as ‘Desert Rats’.

The invitation read “The Desert rats SS17” and old black and white images, placed around the store, gave us the feel of a museum. Nigel has created a black bomber jacket with the term ‘Desert Rats’ written in red across the back and a faded palm tree print shirt with a nod to the origins to the Desert Rats in North Africa. By choosing to re tell a monumental moment in history through his clothes, his collection stands out as truly authentic with pieces that are ageless yet contemporary.

Models posed in Cabourn’s modern pieces that included the bomber jacket, long oversized shorts and Converses with whom the designer has a collaboration. This created a visual contrast to the classic khaki and beige military wear dressed mannequins.

Nigel’s collection also includes fisherman style jackets made from Ventile with oversized pockets and Mens suits created from Lyria fabric. By designing both classic items and newly reinvented ideas of military wear, we can see how Nigel Cabourn’s menswear is constantly evolving.


Images by Aiden Harmitt-Williams

Words by Paige Dempster