Phiney Pet AW16 Presentation

Beautiful hand detailing was seen throughout every Phiney Pet AW16 piece. Titled ‘No Fixed Abode’, for the new season the inspiration for the collection came from women in the 1940’s from travelling backgrounds and cultures.

The collection saw an array of everyday garments made for the dreamiest wardrobe; a denim maxi dress came embellished in sequins and beads in the shape of the map of the world, the signature hand painted leather jackets Pet is most known for made a return with another set of beautiful illustrations printed on them, the jackets came in a new burnt orange and classic black. Other items in the collection saw a-line leather skirts, mom jeans with raw hems and decorated with patches, floral dresses and slogan printed t-shirts.

The models’ hair was decorated with star confetti adding to the magical aura that every Phiney Pet collection brings. The collection also saw a collaboration with footwear brand ‘Underground’ for the shoes adorning the models’ feet. For us a true memorable moment in the presentation came from the most adorable children stood in custom made Phiney Pet pieces in the middle of the models rocking back and forth on a toy unicorn.

Words by: Daniela Suarez
Photos: Sarah Brown