REIN AW16 Presentation

As I walked into the downstairs space of the Elms Lesters painting rooms, camera in hand, I myself became the focus of the model’s lenses. Rein AW16 presentation ‘Panopticon’ was an incredibly thought provoking and creative digital exhibition. As the nine models walked around the space, interacting, mirrors reflected images of those in attendance. The walls played host to projections of the audience’s reactions and the #makeitrein uploads. In today’s society, people readily take to social media and are encouraged to share, generating a lack privacy.

The collection really played on this idea of revealing and concealing. Models wore black lattice laser cut-out jumpsuits, silk spaghetti strap ensembles, leather, sporty crops and geometric blazer and shorts co-ords. This collection was full of incredibly crafted outlines and linear bordering, all of which revealed and concealed parts of the model’s bodies. Rein as a brand represents the empowerment of women. Their collection was a celebration of the female body.

The colour palette was minimalist; black, white, charcoal and a touch of navy. The silhouettes were bold and all kinds of beautiful. The look was completed with phones in hand, Dr Martens, centre partings and ponytails. Rein’s AW16 ‘Panopticon’ was stand out.

Words by: Leanne Roche

Photos: Sarah Brown