Edeline Lee AW16 Presentation

Edeline Lee’s AW16 Presentation was truly captivating. It was a great example of a performative showcase, allowing us to see the movement of her garments. She used angular mirrored shapes and decorative colourful confetti, all of which resulted in a striking and visually engaging setting.

The collection promoted her signature sophisticated style. She contrasted oversized cocoon and woollen trench coats with perfectly fitted dresses with spectacular plunging necklines. All of which created a collection of perfect harmony.

Lee played with a floral print that was key to the collection as well as her colour palette, consisting of monochrome, grey, red and shades of green.

She mastered the fitted trousers, dropped waist, midi length skirts and dresses. Lee wowed with her use of detailing, from oversized pockets, buttons and piped detailing on hems and belts.

She played with layering, texture, sheer materials and appliques, all to great effect.

The Models wore their hair pulled back with a soft finish and displayed a winged eye.

Words by: Leanne Roche

Photos: Claudia Rocha