Rejina Pyo AW16 Presentation

Modern, classic and clean were the three words that sprung to mind as we walked into the Conde Nast College to watch Rejina Pyo’s AW16 collection. This season Pyo was inspired by the notion of women through time, and their dreams and aspirations. Rejina is known for producing functional pieces that catch your eye instantly. This season was no different. Every garment was so beautifully crafted and crisp, that no matter where our eyes moved around the room we were totally attracted to every item of Pyo’s creation.

Our favourite pieces included a white crop top with bell sleeves and contrast stitching, an empowering white suit, a classic wool camel coat with a twist – a contrasting red panel of the same material, a white off the shoulder top and a white, red and black patterned dress with button detailing. It was all those small details that made every piece unique and contemporary, completing the strong and vibrant personality that they exuberated. Let’s not forget the most stand out pieces in the collection and something that made us love Pyo so much the previous season – the statement jacket. This season it came in the form of two silver jackets, one biker style and the other a blazer style jacket with a waist belt.

Two collaborations were presented throughout Pyo’s collection one in footwear with Korean brand ‘Yuul Yie’ that created a wonderful set of loafers with a perforated front, and a collaboration with London-based jewellery label ‘URIBE’.

Words by: Daniela Suarez
Photos: Sarah Brown