Samm Henshaw releases ‘The Sound Experiment II’

‘The Sound Experiment II’ is exactly that, a harmonically beautiful masterpiece that perfectly showcases the natural soul voice of Mr. Samm Henshaw.

First up on this five-track, 20 minute whirlwind experience is ‘Our Love’, the one you just know will be in the charts not too long from now. With its upbeat, inspirational lyrics (like all great indie-soul chart-toppers), you can’t help but fall in love with the smooth, suave delivery of Henshaw’s vocals. Another particular highlight is everybody’s soon to be favourite 2am wind-down track ‘Night Calls’, an aptly named, beautiful piece of experimental music engineering that sees Henshaw slow down the pace and soothe us with romance, sultry sounds and thought-inducing words.

Henshaw’s eye for creativity is difficult to shy away from; the music is executed wonderfully, the songs are catchy (just wait till ‘Chances’ and you’ll know what I mean) and, overall, this smooth-talking, sweet-sounding man of many talents shows some genuine signs of creative musical genius.

We already love him here at Jungle, so much so that he had a great big feature in our debut print magazine, available here:

‘The Sound Experiment II’ is available now on Spotify:

Photography – Robin Bharaj

Words – Eric Brain