Sophie Harris-Taylor – Edition 02

Anna’s Freckles (2013)
Bedsheets, Sicily (2015)
Moles, Lisbon (2014)
Rena, Lisbon (2014)
Curtains, Sicily (2015)

Sophie Harris-Taylor’s photographic journal, MTWTFSS, turns memories into art. For the past five years the London-based artist has been documenting the everyday life experiences she shares with her closest companions. Now, with over 200 snapshots to comprise the first of what will be a life-long series of chapters, I was fascinated to find out more about her personal and artistic motivation for participating in another person’s fragility and capturing it on film for the rest of the world to see.

While Chapter 1 (2010-2015) suggests the very beginning of a chain of events, Harris-Taylor’s diary reads as any photograph would: a particular moment sliced out and frozen in time. As she explains, “there’s no chronological order, it’s not like a diary in that sense. This was never set out to be a project or even a series. This is snaps that I take in my own time; they are just memories.” Catching such candid moments on camera is testimony to the artist’s unfettered relationship with her muses. And while Harris-Taylor prefers to remain absent from each frame, she reveals that her journal is an extremely personal account of her own life: “I take things that I probably see in myself and I take aspects of them that relate to me. It’s never really a conscious thing but that’s what I like to capture.”

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Words by Carys Frankland
Artist Sophie Harris-Taylor