Astrid Anderson SS17 LCM

Welcomed into a story of juxtaposition by the eary tones of Brodinski and the Astrid Anderson recognizable logo amid a screen of blue ocean, the Astrid Anderson spring summer 17 collided both luxury and sportswear into a presentation of shape and texture – with both female and male models, viewers saw the collision of the luxurious paired with the sportswear with Teflon-esque macs, trousers and crop tops working against lace and snakeskin bottoms and under garments.

A noticeable accentuation of form and tradition revealed itself to viewers, with a number of traditional garments, such as the button down shirt and the button down polo, being morphed into ideas of luxury; shirts flowing behind models like capes, and polos merging into trousers to create one complete garment – the notion of intellectual design transporting sportswear into a new vision was definitely hard to miss, with Anderson’s clear design aesthetic echoed through every garment.

However, despite the overall experience of the show and the clever mechanisms behind the pieces, there was definitely room for garments to really push the “show” aspect of the collection, with nearly every piece being ones of simple design and casualwear, yet no real eye catching and breathe taking piece taking its place within the story.

Yet despite this, the clean aesthetic and even elegant play of texture and shape showed Astrid to be a designer of thought with a unique take on sportswear that cannot be missed.

Words by Jasmine Banbury

Images by Georgia Sillitoe