Christopher Raeburn – London Fashion Week Men’s – SS18

Christopher Raeburn displays mesh moments with his SS18 collection at the BFC show space. Taking inspiration from ‘The Long Walk’ by Slavomir Rawicz, the collection embarks on journey through the Gobi Desert to the rocky survival of the Himalaya’s. The collection embraces sporty outerwear utilising pre-flown kites, in collaboration with EXKITE. Crafted together each design had been deconstructed and reconstructed into macs, anoraks and jersey. Embracing an elevated and vibrant look for both menswear and womenswear.

Ponchos and parkas made from cooling cotton was seen in the designs with a patchwork of desert camouflage patterns including chocolate chip tropentarn seen in reversible bombers. Authentic detailing and brand elevation was displayed with tape crisscrossed on hoodie cuffs and hems — further emphasising the 4R’s (REMADE, REDUCE, RECYCLED, RAEBURN). Tulle netting fabric highlighted the notion of movement and wind reflecting on the true spirit of adventure. Christopher Raeburn’s SS18 collection takes on a sustainable fashion story with a true soul of using up-cycled materials.

Words: Dayna Dibua

Photographer: Justyna Radon