Ong-Oaj Pairam AW16 Show

Carlton House Terrace was the most fitting setting for Ong – Oaj Pairam’s stunning AW16 Collection. The architecture of the building and its beauty really aided Pairam’s vision of romance. After seeing his last collection, we were very excited for this show and it did not disappoint. The collection had everything, with a particular emphasis on embroidery, which demonstrated some of the best detailing I have seen.

The collection used techniques such as ruching, ombre and materials such as silk and velvet to create texture and luxury. He used a beautiful palette, including; shades of purple, deep green and black. Pairam finished these looks with floral and gold detailing. His collection is inspired by the beauty of nature, and is an expression “of dark romance”.

The collection was made up of beautiful floor length silk gowns, delicate sheer sleeves partnered with draped necklines, patterned trouser, exposed shoulders, embroidered bodices and examples of soft tailoring which worked alongside heavier embellished overcoats.

The collection as a whole consistently conveyed a true elegance and understanding of femininity and glamour.

The models were fresh faced with soft tones, their hair loosely pulled up creating a beautiful windswept look.

Ong-Oag Pairam AW16 collection is an example of true artistry.

Photos: Sarah Brown

Words by: Leanne Roche