Blossoming Star

- 18 March 2016

Photographer Thang LV.
Model Valeriane Le Moi @ Wilhelmina Models London.
Make Up Christiana Howell.
Hair Hannah Williams.
Flower Arrangement Chantal Stear.
Fashion Editors Daniela Suarez & April Edgar.
3D printed gold jewellery provided by the Precious consortium/Delcam

Springtime gives way to rejuvenation and new life, allowing the beauty of nature to break through the harsh frost of the winter months, this sets the scene for our editorial Blossoming Star. Valeriane Le Moi is our muse as we uncover more about who is behind the face of our fashion story.

Valeriane was born in Lille, France, as was her modelling career. Lille is an old town in the North of France that has recently become a hub for creatives and commerciality. Modelling was not something that she had initially thought of pursuing; she was scouted by Exception Model Management. “I was out with a friend in the streets of Lille and two women were staring at us… they approached us and asked if I had ever considered being a model. This made me laugh, I didn’t know what to say, I was so surprised I said, no. They handed their business cards over and asked for me to send them a photo of myself.” She reacted modestly, but her friend took control and sent the photographs when she was away. Today Valeriane thanks her friend every day, as if she had not been there to give her a nudge, she would not be on this incredible journey.

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