Mariell Amélie: Lost and Found

- 18 March 2016

Words by Carys Frankland.
Photographs by Mariell Amélie.

Amélie spent hours exploring the natural landscape. Since then its rough waves, beautiful beaches and saw-toothed peaks have cast a heavy spell over both her art and life, as she confesses, ‘nature is my favourite location.’ Through meeting the London-based artist I hoped to uncover how her personal relationship with the island continues to influence a photographic practice rich in narrative, imagery and emotion.

The Nordic landscape is more than just her backdrop: for nearly a decade this island has acted as her open-air studio, where the very extremities of weather are felt throughout the year. As Amélie reminds me: ‘days are short in Andøya, especially during the winter months.’ During this time there is no sunlight, only two hours of blue dusk each day. Amélie optimises this window of opportunity by working swiftly on location, having envisaged every last detail from composition to costume.

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