Maison Mihara Yashuhiro SS17 LCM

“No Club Lone Wolf” – Mihara Yashuhiro’s adjective of identity and belonging, or more, the idea of “unbelonging” and lack of solid identification. Based on Karlheinz Weinburger’s book “Rebel Youth”, Yashuhiro explores the longing of freedom and individuality through working class teenagers of the 50’s.

Viewer’s were transported into this era of rebellic freedom with a setting of a bowling mall and 50’s swing music, to accompany models in embellished denim, swamping bowling shirts, leather jackets and rubber soled sneakers – a uniform of the idiosyncratic youth. The colour pallet remained understated and organic, a symbolism of the working class and raw spirited, with hair and makeup remaining natural and organic, as if to show the pure freedom of the non-conformist. The idea of Yasuhiro’s collection was simple and clear, with the overall experience of the entire theme transporting the audience into how it feels to be free.

However, despite this clarity, there could have been more development of a progressive storyline, with more emphasis on a final look that really closed the show – the collection still remained solid and well constructed however, and did not fail to tell a story and emotionally portray Yashubhiro’s sense of “No Club Lone Wolf.”

Words by Jasmine Banbury

Images by Georgia Sillitoe