Pam Hogg SS16 – London Fashion Week

Pam Hogg has an extremely distinctive style, and this collection showed a continuation of this. Statement panels with metallic gold and pops of colour. An eclectic mix of models reflects the brand perfectly, pushing the boundaries of the typical status quo they varied in every way possible, height, hair colour and gender the casting was all encompassing. The hair was individual to each model with no two the exactly the same, with playful punk implications it was very engaging.

Opening with a dress adorned in multi-coloured lettering, with the thought-provoking quote: “Give a man a gun and he’ll rob a bank, give a man a bank and he’ll rob the world” the outspoken and bold nature of the brand was instantly set.

Attention was drawn to the neck throughout the show with vividly coloured neck scarves and sculptural collars. A signature ‘H’ for ‘Hogg’ was embossed across the garments and accessories in studs and applique methods. The studs were used consistently throughout the collection, forming borders and accentuating the silhouettes.  Fringing was used to line seams, adding drama and movement to the structural designs. Metallic platform heels finished the looks with a rock and roll edge.

The star-studded audience was at bursting point due to the renowned reputation and popularity of Hogg’s shows at London Fashion Week. The show lived up to and exceeded expectations, it was extremely entertaining and showcased her faultless work.

Words by April Edgar

Photos: Sarah Brown