PPQ – London Fashion Week – AW17

In a show of opposites, PPQ debuted a collection entirely of blacks and whites for AW 2017. The duality as old as the hills was reworked in a modern and relevant manner, shining a light on the depths of black, and the purity of its opposite. Simple and refined silhouettes were featured throughout the collection, making for the perfect evening coat or dress. Luxurious velvet, satin, and tweed are made to swaddle and keep warm in the winter.

The collection was designed to make getting dressed easier. With a color palette set in the classic duet, your choices are refined. Alleviating the stress that can accompany a plethora of choices, PPQ took and ran with the idea of a uniform. Sleek and streamlined were employed to make not only a great collection, but can extend to simplify the choices in your life. With the perfect black trousers, who needs a heap of clothes to sort through when your options can be made with a little PPQ help.

Words by Cosmin Cernica ( Assistant: Canyon Crochet )

Images by Georgia Sillitoe