Vinti Andrews SS16 – London Fashion Week

Immediate associations of the late sixties/early seventies were conveyed throughout the Vinti Andrews collection, make-up and hair. The models were arranged on large boxes coated in shearling fur, on a pink carpet, strings of exposed light bulbs hung overhead creating a girly bedroom feel. They were transformed into modern skater girls with middle partings and loose curls; the look was given edge with glitter eye shadow below the eye.

The hint of sparkle was reciprocated throughout the collection with a silver sequinned bomber jacket. Vinti had designed the collection to be outfitted well together, each look had many comments to it, with playful prints juxtaposing one another. Patchwork denim used for flares and mini skirts, fraying at the edges it looked effective in both powder pink and rustic blues. There were open stitching details on the jeans emphasising the craftsmanship.

Soft pink reaffirmed the girly nature of the presentation running through formal flares and a matching trench coat. Sheer chiffon pussybow blouses made a comeback and the look was finished appropriately with authentic leather Vans with gum soles and no laces.

Photos: Kayesha Clarke

Words by April Edgar