Wood Wood – London Fashion Week Men’s – AW18

‘Before and After’ was the title for Wood Wood’s Autumn Winter collection. Urging you to not only think of what is ‘Before and After’ but also what the transcendence between the two could mean. The thematic ideas behind the title were quickly revealed in a very considered manner. Led by slogans such as; ‘Leave Me Alone With Your Attention’, ‘Sad Songs Make Me Happy’ and ‘Fan club’ which appeared both on the set, and through embroidery that appeared to be carefully placed onto garments. This very much gave a simple form of expression and a clear narrative. The emerging themes of Childhood leading into Adulthood rapidly emerged, alongside strong classic American youth culture references, well-kept through the inclusion of elements such as varsity jackets.

The collection was incredibly cohesive despite having such variety within looks, from double denims and slim yet slightly boxy double breasted suits. The designs were well kept with a considered and muted colour scheme that contained highlights of reds and blues in collars, colour blocks and the incorporation of accessories. It was refreshing to see such strong and precise links not only between the looks, but right through to fabric selections, the set and styling. Including the 80’s influenced footwear with chunky soles, the collection gained a slightly geeky yet chic look. A contemporary and unified show and we wonder what Wood Wood will have bring next.

Words: Maz Smith

Images: Abi Galatia