Yii SS16 – London Fashion Week

Citing the naivety and artistic freedom of children as inspiration, Yii clearly channels this into his playful designs. A striking, eclectic colour scheme of monochrome and primary colours create an eye catching collection on the runway and reinforce this childish nature, light pastel greens and pink  soften the collection and bring associations of springtime blossom.
Yii draws emphasis to a child’s ability to find the most mundane objects fascinating. With the inclusion of fried eggs, fish and abstract shapes to create print and pattern, there was definitely a stand out point of difference at the show.
Jackets and waistcoats were large in volume, both collarless, the silhouettes mimicked that of a kimono style jacket. Appliqué design brought nostalgic association with collage and mixed media art. Neoprene dungarees again reinforced the playful nature of the show and knitted co-ords were adorned in scribble like pattern.