Alexandra Moura – London Fashion Week – AW17

Timorese and Indonesian patterns with ocher tones were at the heart of Alexandra Moura’s AW17 collection at Banking Hall. Silence fell and darkness prevailed as the sounds of harmonic guitars strummed and echoed through the hall. The “Here and There” collection draws inspiration from the Portuguese empire in the 18th century and its presence in East Timor, reaching up to Indonesia. The collection reflects on the romantic heritage that distinguishes the country to this day. Subtle details from ethnic clothing embodied European romanticism going back three centuries ago, to tell the story of distant culture and identity.

The traditional fabrics are reimagined in Alexandra Moura’s use of the jacquard technique. The raised patterns featured in her sweaters created a woven effect using jersey and thick wool; a fascinating silhouette and a shredded effect with a contemporary touch suggesting time and long lost memories. Rich in colour, the collection saw brown against contrasting light blues, vibrant yellows and accents of gold.  Revolutionary layering of strapped coats, overalls and jackets build a stronger connection with nature and her ancestral origins. Alexandra Moura’s designs are bold with just enough to find itself being appreciated in imperial capitals around the world during the colonial period and now transformed into modern day society.

Words by Dayna Dibua 

Images by Rob Parfitt