Chester Barrie SS17 LCM

June 12, 2016, saw the launching of Chester Barrie’s SS17 collection at The Waldorf Hilton in London, England.  Chester Barrie remained true to its roots presenting a range of men’s attire that will leave the successful businessman coming back for more.

Unlike the typical catwalk launch, Chester Barrie flaunted its sophisticated suits and business wear on manikins and models within the hotel’s grand lobby.  Male models floated amongst the guests looking both seductive and accomplished.  Their presence near the manikins created a social setting where guests could admire the collection up close.

Each outfit contained an elegant suit jacket which was either matched with its trouser partner or matched with contrasting chinos.  Office attire was styled in flannel-like material muted tones of red-oak, greys, beige, and grey-blue hues.  Contrasting these down-to-earth colours were the vibrant yellow, green and blue ties.

For formal wear, Chester Barrie presented a series of suave suits in white, black, and blue.  Continuing its mix-and-match theme, the suits came with a suave jacket and its contrasting trouser.  The contrast was accompanied by a matching tie thus giving the suits a sense of balance.

Overall, Chester Barrie continues to appeal to successful businessmen, celebrities, and high-profile men worldwide.

Words: Cosmin Cernica

Images by Aiden Harmitt-Williams