Matthew Miller SS17 LCM

The tempest – a clever adjective for the juxtaposition of elements within Miller’s spring/summer 2017 collection. As one of the most thoughtful collections I have seen this season, an interesting play on calming and tranquil iconography of John Constable’s “A study of Clouds” and the fragility of butterflies played carefully against the roughness of skinhead culture, revealed through explosion graphics and the sound of guitar in “goodbye horses” by Q.Lazzarus.

In terms of collection, there was definitely an interesting play on history with pieces reverting back to the clever manipulation of the kimono shape and its abstract form, against the symbolic cult historical image of the denim jacket and t-shirt – indeed, a tempest of contrasting ideas, a mismatch of cultural style and history.

Models were almost stripped of distractions, with hair playing to its natural form, makeup remaining minimal and shoes in the form of plain white sneakers, setting focus on the beauty of the tempest of cultures and thought. Miller resonates his collection to his personal art form of freedom of speech, pushing his audience to consider what is being said and what the collection is expressing – a demonstration of pure artistic consideration and awareness of yesterday and todays values and ideas that challenge our actions of today.

The Tempest – Miller’s clever containment of a magnitude of symbolism and history.


Images by Georgia Sillitoe

Words by Jasmine Banbury