KTZ’s designer Marjan Pejoski recently launched his new SS17 collection during LCM.  An array of showy, seductive yet masculine series of designs that commanded attention.  Marjan Pejoski created the collection as a tribute to “interstellar science fiction” and “dark futurism”.

With selected pieces flaunting handwriting, checker patterns or busy foulards Pejoski’s SS17 was erotic with S&M setting the undertone.  Models strutted black leather, tarlike textiles, masks, chain-like necklaces and harnesses.  In all of it Pejoski still wove a delicateness into the collection with the use of white and grey pieces while others contained lace either subtly in the design or completely encased in lace.

In conjunction with this dark, erotic collection, KTZ launched the SS17 in a dark gay club in London.  The club added to the dark mysterious nature of the collection by adding an equally dark setting.

There is no doubt that the SS17 collection is all about sensuality, exploration, fantasy and play.  This collection is to be worn by the bold, the daring, and the confident.  Clearly, these pieces are not meant to be practical, they are meant to make a statement.

The question for every fashionista interested in this incredible collection is: What statement do you want to make?

Words by: Cosmin Cernica

Images by Aiden Harmitt-Williams