Fashion designers Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins have done it again, captivating the fashion world with their SS17 OKORO collection.  The OKORO collection remains true to YMC’s extravagant blend of cross-cultural influence in Britain.  The inspiration of this incredible collection comes from the photography of Malick Sidibé.  Moss and Collins also drew further inspiration from Ethiopian Funk 45s and the synth tracks from Cameroon.

Going as far back as the 60s to the early 80s, OKORO celebrates African influence in an array of abstract prints and hand stitched embroidery whose main textiles are silk and jacquard. The colours are bold, daring and altogether vibrant.  Complimenting these exquisite designs are the intricate and renown African beading jewellery.

With a collection of sophisticated cross-cultural pieces, the OKORO collection maintains the chic, sophisticated style YMC is famous for.

YMC went a step further in the making of the SS17 OKORO collection.  By collaborating with Ann Gollifer, British Museum and Botswanian artist, the collection incorporates the Mother Tongue which is the artwork of the Museum’s African collection.  The result is a stunning range of fashionable pieces that give tribute to the African influence within British culture.

Words by Cosmin Cernica

Images by Robert Parfitt