Edward Crutchley SS17 LCM

Using 3D garment visualisation software, Edward Crutchley brought two different worlds together for his spring/summer 2017 collection. He took inspiration from his Yorkshire heritage and his time spent in Kyoto mastering the ‘Shibori’ dyeing technique. A short film played when entering, showing a model walking over the dales of his native Yorkshire wearing the collection.

The presentation itself was all about contrast, models were stationary to allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the vibrancy and movement of the clothes. The set up felt quite colloquial as models were sat on a pile of mattresses making the collection feel accessible.

The collection continued to present an array of juxtapositions with mainly Edward’s use of colour that included neutral earthy tones of brown, beige and nude. These were perfectly mimicking the colours found on the Yorkshire moors. However he then also used deep purple, navy and gold on the embellished Japanese inspired jackets.

Pastel pink latex stood strikingly against the rich colours. The designer also used fabrics with drastically different finishes to highlight every kind of texture and so every individual piece stood out against each other. The natural materials of some of the garments were styled against tops, long socks and head bands made of latex. Every element of the collection was exaggerated and therefore memorable with dark colours against light, shiny latex against natural fabrics and tight fit against oversized.


Words by Paige Dempster

Images by Aiden Harmitt-Williams