Eudon Choi – London Fashion Week – AW17

With the underlying themes of utilitarianism and absence of adornment and embellishment, Eudon Choi explored the creative work of Adolf Loos, the creative mind behind the modernism movement. In homage to Loo’s controversial essay ‘Ornament and crime’, Choi worked with a collection that celebrated the beauty of abstraction. Aligning with Loo’s thoughtful process of austere exterior’s existing against luxurious interiors, Choi explores the idea of juxtaposition, working with starch sartorial silhouettes against eye-catching fastenings and his signature feminine design aesthetic. As the Eudon Choi women glided down the Autumn/Winter 17 runway, the air of beauty transcended to the on looking viewers, not only through the utilitarian pieces, but also through Choi’s choice of accessory – this season, Choi joined forces with brand Deke in order to create embodiments of Adolf Loo’s ‘Villa Muller’, working with both leather and unique hardware to relate to the fittings found within the Muller home. The ‘Ornament and Crime’ collection was indeed one of thought and development, of delicate concentrations to extracting the unnecessary and directing the necessary into the realm of beauty.

words by Jasmine Banbury 

Images by Ieva Lasmane 

With thanks to –

The British Fashion Council 

Eudon Choi