Julien Macdonald – London Fashion Week – SS17


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Autumn arrived and so did the audience in their layers of clothing as they poured into the large gymnasium. The hall was filled with an excited buzz as we all settled eagerly in our new space awaiting the arrival of Julian McDonalds Spring Summer collection.

The music changed and the lights came on beaming brightly down the runway where the photographers stood like predators awaiting their prey. It was time to begin. McDonald drew his inspiration from the African plains. The models all paced down the runway like proud animals of the wild with their styled wet-look skin and hair. Each design clung tightly on the models frame appearing almost as if to be a new layer of glittery skin. The designs juxtaposed the hard bare walls of the gym allowing for all attention to fall on the sparkles and tassels presented. The collection used soft and elegant tones and looks were delicately embellished with Swarovski embroidery which glistened under the flashing lights. This was show of luxury.

Words by Vanessa Lewis Jones

Images by Robert Parfitt