Omer Asim SS16 – London Fashion Week

The Painting Rooms created the perfect multi-tonal backdrop for Omer Asim‘s monochrome collection. The rustic textured walls spanned the great height of the space creating a theatrical atmosphere with an urban twist for the presentation. The space was narrow, channelling the glaring sun through the glass ceiling creating a natural spotlight over the striking models. Set designer Tom Finch used this to his advantage creating dynamic platforms for the models, creating graduated levels, allowing the eye to explore and focus on each look in a creative way.
The collection was flawlessly composed, Omer explained to us that he prefers not to focus on trends and external sources. Alternatively, he creates each collection as a progression and continuation from the last. He skilfully designs and sews himself, striving to create a characteristic style through layering fabric and texture. The simplistic colour scheme of black, white, navy, browns and greys allows the design of each garment shine through. The experimental composition went down a storm, with guests personally expressing their positive reviews.
The presentation as a whole was very impressive, we felt compelled to stay and continue to walk through, each time just as impressed as the first and noticing something new each time. Gender was nondescript, there was a mix of both male and female models, each unique for their own striking features standing out against the clothes carrying them with vigour.
Words by: April Edgar
Photos: Kayesha Clarke