Palmer//Harding – London Fashion Week – SS17

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A theme that is matched highly with the aesthetic of spring and summer, of the sunny warm days that motivate us to relax and forget our negativity. A theme that Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding allowed themselves to feel whilst creating their spring/summer 2017 collection – Palmer//Harding suggest “it’s about working with what is happening in the everyday and allowing our surroundings at the time to permeate into the work.” Freedom is not just an emotion within the Palmer//Harding collection, but also a state of dress, in which the designers chose to create a collection which is multi-seasonal and applicable to an array of different styles and different women, demonstrated by the use of pieces that are interchangeable within layering, through the choice of lightweight fabrics and draping techniques.

Through the influence of Matthew King’s 2015 Utah series, print echoed a slightly nostalgic feel but with a graphic edge, as if Palmer//Harding wished to make use of the freedom to travel through different time period to influence their colour and print palette for this season’s collection. Indeed, the collection altogether appeared pleasing to the eye and placed itself a part from spring/summer sophisticated minimalism and became it’s own freedom of expression for spring/summer 2017.

Words by Jasmine Banbury

Images by Ieva Lasmane