The Swedish School of Textiles Graduate Show – London Fashion Week – SS17

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The walk into Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden was surprisingly quick and easy. By beating the long queue of fashion experts, the showroom was open to view, with only a few other early guests.

Numerous rails of detailed designs by the recent graduates of The Swedish School of Textiles lay off the hangers in the light showroom, providing astounding views of each individual piece.

As the show started at around 12.05, Matilda Forssblad’s collection opened for The Swedish School of Textiles, following the other 14 designers. Each told a unique story throughout their designs, giving an insight into the future of fashion from this generation of talented designers.

From statement colours and detailed designs, to tailored jackets to appliqué, the collections from the fifth-teen new and upcoming designers were filled with detail and passion.

Each design in which the models were wearing timed correspondingly with the next look, making it incredibly hard to glance away for even a split second. From amplified colour pallets to monochrome cotton, from oversized outerwear to laced details, the range of looks were endless and simply, astounding.

A favourite look from the show features jogging bottoms from Julia Falkhorn’s collection: Science of Appearance. The grey and black detailing, from stitch to stitch of the design, gave the jogging bottom a more sophisticated touch. Yet with an ounce of the vibrant streetwear theme, the brand heritage of sportswear design is conspicuous.

The change of designer and collection assembled effortlessly as the music cut and lights blacked out. Although, the difference in each collection is visibly evident; as each designer established their difference and uniqueness through their own story and message in their individual collection.

Words by Isabelle Jones

Images by Faysal Hassan