Paul Costelleo – London Fashion Week – SS17

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Refined classicalism – a running theme throughout Paul Costelloe’s magnificent show of decadence, with classicalism in the form of the traditional fabric linen, refined and rejuvenated for this season’s spring/summer collection.  Combined with a number of futuristic fabric forms, such as PVC and painted Sarga, a personification of confidence took the form of beautiful elegant models, gliding down a brightly lit catwalk.

Yet there was more to Costelloe’s spring/summer collection than meets the eye – looking past the large ballroom and chandeliers, a deeper note of Costelloe’s support for the relationship between the UK and the Republic of Ireland showed face within the difference of linen in which Costelloe chose to use; Belfast linen (from John of England) and Wexford linen (from Emblem Weavers). Indeed, the collection placed itself as one of maturity, as classic tailoring and structured pieces with form-fitting silhouettes accompanied the message of this given political landscape. In hues of white, blue, cream and beige, with hair braided up and makeup remaining natural and creamy, Costelloe’s girls was indeed an embodiment of natural freshness, a connotation of the qualities of linen that are key to the industry within the spring/summer season. However, in the words of Costelloe “the only way to stay on top is to keep moving, keep looking, keep creating. You can never stop in this industry”, which saw linen in its most unique and updated form in this season yet.

By Jasmine Banbury

Images by Georgia Sillitoe