Edeline Lee – London Fashion Week – SS18



In true realisation of feminine courage and what it means to be a woman, this Spring/Summer 18 saw Edeline Lee take inspiration from the essence of Georgia O’keeffe and her personal journey, exploring what it takes to act alone but with courage, using Okeefe’s statement of “I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do” to act as a personification of the vulnerability and the strength at the core of every woman, that defines that this spring/summer 18 collection presentation.

Working with the technique of twisting ties and contrasting knots, Lee worked through the feminine, elegent silhouettes constructed through the use of Flou Bubble Jacquard and Georgette Champion, to create a picturesque scene of feminine beauty and considered design. Indeed, Okeefe’s renowned representation of the flower has been used to inspire a series of three dimensional shapes that run cohesively through the collection – it is clear to see that Okeefe is an avid expression that represents the very nature of what Edeline wishes to portray through design, yet has been demonstrated through a wearable yet beautiful thought through collision of femininity and power. It is clear to see that the very notion of strength and power can be revealed through a sense of beauty, and indeed, in tone with Okeefe’s statement of “I feel like myself.. and I like it”, Lee has revealed that strength can be found through self-comfort and the very aesthetic that circles feminine identity.

Words : Jasmine Banbury

Images : Georgia Silitoe