Floral DNA – London Fashion Week – AW17

Fashion Scout showcase Hannah Kim’s ceremonious presentation focusing on the fusion of art and fashion with her label ‘Haluminous’. The collection expressed the transformation of a young girl where the models wore wild experimental and intricate embellishment details. Simultaneously the psychedelic sounds set the scene, the fashion and drama complimented each other throughout the gothic show. As a next generation designer, Hannah Kim displays an edgy and unique collection to suit the human anatomy, by combining layers of prints and heavy textiles. Hannah Kim is inspired through her own muse and describes her collection as street couture. The limited palette of black, white and red symbolises the transition of the young girl’s consciousness and state; black reflecting her dark and demonic thoughts, red representing the process of her becoming a flower and white is where she finally blossoms as a lily. The production added to the spectacle, with a model contortionist as a centre piece surrounded by candles and red lighting. The Korean writing sprawled across the faces of the models and the words spoken by the first model that took to the floor, reflect the poems written by Hannah Kim herself. With ‘Haluminous’ expect comfort and wearability to be inherent to each style.

Words by Dayna Dibua

Images by Paolo Steve