Toga – London Fashion Week – AW17

Conveying a seamless relationship between sportswear luxe and feminine embellishment, Toga gave a clear example of an articulated ornamented wardrobe for the modern-day woman. For the autumn/winter 2017 collection, the detail laid within the very contrast of form and texture – playing with both cut-out and tailored detailing, classical style offered itself through deliberately placed holes, slits and experimentation through the collection’s silhouette and cut. In tones of bubblegum pink, canary yellow, burnt umber, baby blue, navy and white, the Toga woman was indeed given a collection that remained wearable, mature yet playful and fun. It was clear to see the fabrications of wool, fur and silk gave way to the celebration of accessory and embellishment – models were adorned in glistening jewels and decoration that allowed the everyday wardrobe to be given a sense of femininity, proving that dressing for the day-to-day really doesn’t have to be mundane. Toga gave a clear example of how to have fun when it comes to choosing what to wear, giving an edge to an otherwise feminine wardrobe, working with the elements of sportswear to truly mix up sophistication, to take conserved classical style and give it an enhanced playful edge.

Words by  Jasmine Banbury 

Images by Andrew Gough 

With thanks to –

The British Fashion Council